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Leila Kubesch

Keynote, Speaker

Ronnette Smith-Powell

Help for the Tired Teacher

Melissa Wright

Dream. Believe. Achieve

Darrin Peppard

Author, Publisher, Speaker, and Consultant

Jacquelyn Leon

Educational Advocate, Consultant & Author

Charisse Smith Ph.D

The Disappearing Black Educator

Bradlee W. Skinner

A Stark Contrast to Your Educational Speaker

Unleashing the Power of Education:

Welcome to Within Our Ranks' Speaker's Bureau, your go-to resource for exceptional educational speakers who can inspire and educate audiences across various events and educational settings.

Discover Our Speaker's Bureau

About The Speaker's Bureau

Our carefully vetted speakers bring diverse expertise and a passion for knowledge sharing, covering topics such as educational leadership, curriculum development, technology integration, and more.


Enhance your event or conference with thought-provoking content and practical strategies, connecting with passionate professionals dedicated to driving positive change in education. Explore our Speaker's Bureau and harness the power of education to inspire audiences to reach new heights of learning and achievement.

Our Speakers

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