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Leila Kubesch

Cultivating Success Through Education and Partnership

Leila Kubesch, the 2022 National Teachers Hall of Fame inductee, is a thought leader in partnerships and collaboration. With three decades dedicated to researching how to enlist help through partnership, Leila's approach has transformed outcomes for her students, professional, and personal life.

Her unique method to advocacy and giving a voice to others is rooted in collaboration and gratitude, not only witnesses transformative power in her classroom but propelled her to success beyond bounds. Leila demonstrates the steps by sharing a photo documentary of her work, illustrating how success is indeed possible for all students.

As a captivating speaker, she skillfully blends storytelling, improv, and humor to engage her audience. Inseparable from her camera, Leila challenges attendees to walk away with a new vision, that of having support, and offers to snap photos of newly formed teams who wish to join the 3 C's: Communicate, connect, and collaborate movement.

Speaking Topics

The Art of the Ask: Enlisting Help from a Position of Partnership

Leila's journey from conventional disciplinary methods to transformative teaching strategies is a testament to the power of empathy and connection in education. As she reflects on pivotal moments in her career, she unveils a profound realization about the importance of understanding and supporting students, even in moments of discipline. Her experiences have led her to develop a 7-step process for making effective requests and fostering collaboration within her classroom. Through candid storytelling, she illustrates the challenges she faced and the remarkable outcomes her approach produced. Attendees of her keynote can expect to gain practical insights into creating a supportive learning environment where every child can thrive.

● Leila's transformative experience with a disruptive student underscores the significance of empathy and connection in disciplinary situations.
● Facing budget constraints, Leila's innovative approach led her to develop a 7-step process for making effective requests and fostering collaboration within her classroom.
● Through candid storytelling, Leila demonstrates the tangible outcomes of her approach, inspiring attendees to implement similar strategies in their own educational settings for immediate impact and success.

S.O.C.K.S: (Spark Opportunities, Collaborate, & Share Knowledge)

In her 30 to 45 minute humorous keynote, Leila shares her journey from well-meaning but ineffective actions to impactful teaching, illustrated through a poignant story involving a seventh-grade student and rejected warm clothes. She explores the pitfalls of operating solely on good intentions and highlights the transformative power of understanding family values through collaborative teaching efforts. Leila's collaboration with school administrators and the community, such as stocking a school store with coats, exemplifies her commitment to finding creative solutions. Through comedic anecdotes like her student choosing chips over socks, she encourages audience members to reflect on their own approaches and prioritize genuine connections for effective teaching. Using socks as a metaphor for excuses, Leila's presentation aims to inspire joyful and collaborative teaching practices.

● The Power of Words: Understand the profound impact of what we tell ourselves. Change your words, and you'll change their world.
● Lessons from Mistakes: Learn from the speaker's journey, including common missteps and the importance of collaboration in creating meaningful change.
● Building Connections: Discover the value of partnerships in education, realizing that community collaboration does not mean just the residents. Expand your mind and zip codes!

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