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Tiffany Brown

Growing Mindsets-Growing Staff-Growing Students

Tiffany Brown is a passionate and dedicated enterprising leader serving students, faculty and staff, and parents with over 25 years of experience. She motivates, inspires, and empowers educators and students to be the best version of themselves by reaching their fullest potential.

Tiffany specializes in Education and Leadership Consulting and Coaching committing to training and modeling self-value to other educators while showing pride towards the profession she chose to make a positive difference in the lives of all students.

A strong believer in the power of growth mindset and positive thinking in the school setting, Tiffany regularly researches and utilizes the latest best practices in this lifelong learning journey to support teachers and grow students academically, behaviorally, and socially.

Each presentation can be fully customized to your specific needs, and can be presented as a workshop, keynote, breakout or training.

Speaking Topics

How to Change School Culture and Climate to Raise Student Achievement

Using the “education matters” success model, Tiffany Brown will help you, your staff, and your students create the optimal school learning environment through leadership development, behavior growth, and instructional practices.

Tiffany will introduce to you how to:

● Create leadership within your school
● Develop a credible behavior management in the classrooms
● Raise students achievement through simple modification

"Literacy empowers."

Literacy is the cornerstone of development. Schools have the large responsibility to produce students who learn to read and apply essential reading skills to problem solve and critically think. Tiffany uses the six essential components of literacy (phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and writing) to train teachers how to teach students the strategies to become competent readers-"where they are not only learning to read but reading to learn."

Teachers and staff will become masters in:
● Core instruction, guided reading, and Response to Intervention (RtI)
● Develop an environment of student readers.
● Identify the underlying causes of disruptive behaviors that interrupt the learning process and put a plan in place to change the classroom climate.

Each program is fully customized to meet your specific needs and can be presented as a workshop, breakout, or training.

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