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Melissa Tobin

Motivating Today’s Learner

With all of the distractions surrounding students and the increasing number of districts struggling with attendance and graduation rates (now more than ever due to the Covid 19 pandemic); all educators will face those students who are not intrinsically excited and motivated to learn, teaching styles need to be more energetic, captivating, and creative. The lessons need to be relevant, interesting and meaningful.

In this session educators:

● Learn how to invigorate lessons with simple instructional strategies bringing lessons to life for all learners.

● Explore the vast issues that are impacting students’ ability to attend school regularly, while making connections with the curriculum, and have an overall meaningful experience.

● Discover ways to design engaging lessons that grab and keep the attention of even the most unmotivated students.

Each presentation can be fully customized to your specific needs, and can be presented as a workshop, keynote, breakout or training.

Speaking Topics

Effective Communication for teachers (Make it meaningful)

Effective communication skills play an enormous role in classroom management, professional development, and overall success.

In this session teachers will:

● Learn how communication impacts student learning, classroom management, professional growth, and success.
● Explore how small changes in tone, inflection, and body language can make a huge impact on student buy-in.
● Discover ways to get others to communicate more effectively. Get students to communicate their needs so that they may reach their greatest potential. Get peers and administrators to provide constructive feedback so lessons are more impactful.

Developing Curriculum that Reaches all Learners

How can we make the curriculum that is outdated, irrelevant and tied to state testing and teacher evaluations more meaningful to students? How do we compete with games, apps, and social media to get them to buy into what we are saying and still hit all of the required standards?

In this session teacher will:

● Learn ways to integrate new simple technologies to prepare motivating and interest-grabbing lessons
● Explore new perspectives on dated material and how it can be presented so students begin to critically think about how it relates to their lives.
● Discover ways to add hands-on and multisensory learning opportunities to your curriculum to fully engage students.

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