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Dr. Stephen Jones

STEMulating Leaders and Parents for a Better Future

For thirty-two years, Dr. Jones has helped students, parents and professionals to reach their dreams. He has delivered presentations on numerous topics including how to study, leadership, effective communication, organization, time management and innovative management practices.

He is the author of three books titled “Seven Secrets of How to Study” the “Parent’s Ultimate Education Guide” and the “Ultimate Scholarship Guide.”

Each presentation can be fully customized to your specific needs, and can be presented as a workshop, keynote, breakout or training.

Speaking Topics

College and Career Choices for Parent and Students:

In this session, discover how to:

● Provide college access to students by starting your own Parent University - a community within.
● College and Career success with strategies of organization, the 7 Secrets to Study, Test taking techniques and how to override the Anxiety of test taking recommendations.
● Open communication between Schools and Parents; directing all conversations to enhance the learning strategies for students and opening doors later for college and career; hence, Parents need more information about how K12 education is changing schools need to provide this understanding.

Igniting and Motivating Leaders with Goal Setting:

Dr. Jones learned leadership from the many teachers in his school who taught him why he should have pride in his work. He learned that you have to be a good leader and servant who make a contribution to the whole community of academics .

In this part of the presentation, Dr Stephen Jones will show you how to:

● Encourage students to be Positive Thinkers
● Provide parents good study skills training for their student
● Implement programs to encourage students to strive beyond their own dream.

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