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Dr. Michael Coleman

Informative, Thought Provoking and Expert In The Field of Special Education for the State New Jersey

A Special Education Consultant who has a working knowledge of both the Federal and State laws relating to special education. With this knowledge, as a Special Education Consultant I can work with the child, the family and medical community to see what additional assessments are needed to ensure a customized program for a child. As the Special Education Consultant I will provide support through the entire process.

As a Special education consultants I will concentrate on working on behalf of students who have special needs. As an independent consultant I can be hired by families or school districts. As a consultant I will be involved with assessing a student to determine what issues are affecting his or her development and learning. As a Special education consultant, I can help to develop Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for students with special needs. I can also identify reasonable academic targets for students and help determine what students need in order to succeed in school.

Each presentation can be fully customized to your specific needs, and can be presented as a workshop, keynote, breakout or training.

Speaking Topics

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