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Danielle E. Felton

Teach and Go Home

Danielle E. Felton, is a passionate and faith-driven Educator, Author and Educational Consultant. She has been in education for over ten years. Her passions belong to service, development, and people. Danielle has plans for the field of education that will impact not only the way teachers teach but the entire system of how we are doing it.

Each presentation can be fully customized to your specific needs, and can be presented as a workshop, keynote, breakout or training.

Speaking Topics

Professional Health & Career Longevity

There are many avenues to credit the current rates of teacher burnout and career turnover. However, how much attention has been paid to program designs offered to educators in regards for how to manage the workload of being a professional educator? Teacher’s career longevity and fidelity are being compromised for lack of comprehensive systems designed specifically to help them manage the workload. In this session, discover how to:

● Define Professional Health and what Career longevity sustainment resembles.
● Outline the Educational Benefits and Outcomes of adapting a Professional Health and Self-care model.
● Logistics of Professional Health and why you need to implement a system today!

Professional PPOP

Preparation, Planning, Organization, Productivity, PPOP!

A professional productivity model specifically designed to simplify and sophisticate educational and administrative instructional workload processes. Hence, creating a professional development program focused on implementing systems of productivity and efficiency throughout the school and instructional environment. In this part of the presentation, Miss Felton will show you how to:

● Introduce the PPOP instructional model for preparation, planning, organization, and productivity.
● The significance of implementing a professional system for productivity and workload efficiency.
● Benefits of the PPOP system including an administrative model and impact to administrational instructional communication, monitoring and progress targeting.
● PPOP Logistics and how you can get PPOPing model now!

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