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Benita Gordon

Finding Your Niche With “Class”

Ms. Gordon’s passion has allowed her to teach and train teachers in the states and abroad in the areas of English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Humanities, and Writing. She has found her niche and embraced the Middle School/Junior High School culture and continues to focus on how she can improve, expand, expose, and connect her students to “real-life”. Thus, she will be able to help formulate Leadership within teachers and students; but with a twist of parent involvement.

Each presentation can be fully customized to your specific needs, and can be presented as a workshop, keynote, breakout or training.

Speaking Topics

Building Leadership with Positive Assessment Outcomes

Making a connection with my students is essential to providing a safe learning environment for their success and ability to grow independently; which in turn promotes self-respect for both students and teachers. In this session Ms. Gordon will be able to enhance Leadership by:

● Assisting educators on how to understand their teaching personality that sets the tone of their classroom
● Setting norms and expectations that are realistic for scholars
● Knowing what battles to deal with and how

Linking Parental Engagement with Classroom Management

Provide leadership in the behavior intervention process; monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of behavior intervention plans. Sounds wonderful right?? But at times it is necessary to go beyond, enter the parents/guardians. Within this session Ms. Gordon will provide ideas and help create a community effort to help restore a safe classroom environment:

● How to really make sure that you and the parents/guardians have a village mentality
● How to create 3 touchpoints before the end of the first 2 weeks of school
● The use of social media and other apps to keep parents informed and aware and open communication
● The art of parent engagement

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